Why Aegis

Protection Guidance Direction

Aegis is a term originating from Greek Mythology and was the mythical shield of the God Zeus, the choice of the business name is synonymous with the meaning of Aegis, the shield symbolises Protection, Guidance and Direction.

Aegis Business Accountants purpose is to work in partnership with all our clients to provide exactly this. As Personal and Business Accountants servicing Caloundra to Hervey Bay we understand that every couple, family, individual and business is unique.

• What we don’t do is simply apply the same product offer to everyone as a blanket service.

• What we do is listen to your needs and then provide you with tailored professional, personalised
accounting service that will provide you with the Protection, Guidance and Direction you need.

For personal accounting and for business accounting we work with you to achieve your objectives.

Aegis Business Accountants and our team of friendly staff aim to deliver you maximum results and outstanding service that you deserve from your accountant.

• Protection

• Guidance

• Direction


We provide Protection for your business through advice and education around Taxation and Business Accounting relevant to you.

We look at the industry your business is in and provide advice on the taxation obligations, registrations and periodical lodgements required.

We assist in all aspects of business accounting from new business purchase and start-up, to a full range of taxation services, business planning, budget preparation, bookkeeping and GST and BAS preparation and lodgement.


Your business needs to have an efficient and effective accounting and reporting system in place to enable immediate and ongoing assessment of business performance.

Aegis Business Accountants give you Guidance to drive your business forward, advising on how to get more from your company and keeping you informed on latest trends and issues that affect your industry.


Through the process of protection and guidance we ensure your business is headed in the right Direction by providing you with the advice and knowledge you need to meet your business accounting objectives.

Our professional team work with you to develop your business and achieve your goals through regular meetings and ongoing advice to assist you to completely understand your business.

In addition we will provide you with an up-front price so that you will always know what your costs will be prior to commencement of work.