Aegis Business Accountants, a Chartered Accountancy Practice, was established in August 2010 to provide Protection, Guidance and Direction to the businesses in the Gympie and its surrounding areas.
Graeme Bembrick, the Director and founder of Aegis Business Accountants originally started the business in April 2008, trading as Bembrick Accounting Services. From humble beginnings operating out of an office at home, the business has grown to become a leader in the provision of business and taxation services in the Gympie region.
In August 2009 appropriately Graeme felt the business name needed to more closely reflect the services and outcomes delivered to clients and position the business for the future. After some research he settled on the name Aegis, its very definition says exactly what Graeme felt the business delivered.
Aegis originates from Greek Mythology and is the symbol of Protection, Guidance and Direction.